Harley Quinn Plus size Cosplayer – MCM Expo London

This weekend, I bit the bullet and cosplayed for the first time! Yep, it’s taken me most of my adult life to get the guts to thinkg to myself, screw this, I’m doing it!

So, with that set in mind, I went about making my cosplay costume. I decided on Harley Quinn, mainly because she is my all time favourite comic antihero/villian and I adore the pants off her. I searched and searched online for anything that was pre made and would fit my ample bosom or bubble butt, with  no luck! Sewing machine it is then!

I cracked out the sewing machine, made a costume with very little planning and a lot of will power and hope. I went for a circle skirt, leather corset and of course, the prop. My giant mallet of doom. Which I made out of two buckets, A LOT OF GLUE, paint and a mop handle. A mop handle….who would have thought? I reckon I did ok, for my first time and the fact that I’m utterly useless with things like this. I already have plans for my next cosplay and how I can improve my game!HarleyQuinnPlusSizeCosplay (1)

The expo was at the Excel (I think that’s what it was called) in London, I had to train hop and tube hop with a full face of cosplay make up on, a giant mallet and the husband with his cosplay in tow. Which was extremely stressful for me, my anxiety was out of the roof, a fair few panic attacks later, we arrived. Matthew (the husband) was so great with my panics, my stressing over the costume and the crowds. We mooched around for hours, looking at all the awesome costumes from other cosplayers, all the gorgeous gorgeous costumes and just generally both of us fangirling for a few hours, like the nerds that we are. And we loved it!

I even managed to get a few pictures with some other cosplayers there (took me a while to ask for pictures, anxiety and all that, I’m pretty sure I followed a Boba Fett around for ages and never asked! Also, Matthew did manage to chase and catch Team Rocket for me!)

And here are some of the pictures we got from the day!!

HarleyQuinnPlusSizeCosplay (2)

TEAM ROCKET!!!!HarleyQuinnPlusSizeCosplay (3)

Killing Joke Joker! How aaaaaaawesome!HarleyQuinnPlusSizeCosplay (4)

Me and the Husband, he is Raptor Handler number 1, how awesome is he?!index index2

Doesn’t he look awesome? He did get a fair amount of attention, an awesome cosplay!

HarleyQuinnPlusSizeCosplay (5) HarleyQuinnPlusSizeCosplay (6)

A very tired selfie after a few hours of walking around!

HarleyQuinnPlusSizeCosplay (7) HarleyQuinnPlusSizeCosplay (8)

HarleyQuinnPlusSizeCosplay (9)

As you can see, I did end up having a brilliant time. I was a little sad that I didn’t see many PLus Size Cosplayers, which is something I want to change. I want bigger guys and gals to feel comfortable and epic enough to dress up, rock the nerd and go to conventions like this.

I’m pretty sure I have the Cosplay bug now.


For my next costume, I’m thinking of a female Volstagg, which would be a challenge and a half!!

3 thoughts on “Harley Quinn Plus size Cosplayer – MCM Expo London

  1. I saw this look on Instagram and was so excited! You look SO amazing, and it sounds like you had an incredible time! Excited to see more cosplay from you! <3 xx

  2. I was there over the entire weekend, and I must say, I saw a LOT of plus size cosplayers, ranging from the smaller girls to the bigger dudes, You didn’t have to look far tbh.

    Also for customs pieces, you’re looking at going from China, Cosplayfu, Hellocosplay etc, all do custom sizes, though always add a few CM’s on, for adjustment sizes, and send them as many measurements as you’re comfortable doing.

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