Sophie, over at Busylittlefee had the amazing idea of #16in16, a post about 16 things in 2016 that you would like to acheive. I’m not one for new year resoulutions, I don’t tend to stick to them and I can find it restricting. But! I think it’s a great idea to have a guide, goals. Big or small, they can be important to keep one focused. So here I am, doing it! Hopefully I can come up with 16…

     1.To not let things get to me.

This is a big one, for me. Small comments, gossip at work or home, can really trigger my anxiety. Someone can say I’ve done or said something, or someone has said something, it will get back to me and my mind will go crazy over it. I will become anxious, which spirals. So, I want to try and brush it off. Not take everything so personally, not become so paranoid or anxious. Hopefully, I can manage this, even to a small extent!

     2. To update my blog more often.

I can become bogged down with MH or work and I want to take more time to do posts, to blog about Mental health more and to expand my fashion posts. I want to post at least once a week or even more. Lets hope I manage this!

     3. To join a gym/do more yoga.

Now this isn’t to lose weight or to get “fitter”. This is purely to be more active outside of my work and to help my balance! I fall over the smallest thing and it’s becoming quite an issue.

     4.Learn to drive.

Another big one! I’m petrified of driving and this is something I want to over come!

     5. Love the little things in life.

A comfy bed. A warm snuggle. A good day at work. Little things that I overlook but can also make my day. Next year I want to learn to love them all.

     6. Up my make up game!

No more looking like a boiled egg with eyebrows. Contour, conceal, blush ftw!!

     7. Work my way up the ladder.

By ladder, I mean the ladder at work. I’ve been there 2 weeks and I’ve already warned my boss that I’m after his job. In the next year I want to push myself as far as I can. Actually, I said this to him in my interview. I want as much experiance as possible before I start a family, for the end goal in my career.

     8. Meet all the babes!

I want to meet all my babes, ALL OF THEM. And boob hug each and every one. And eat pancakes, cake and bucks fizz while looking and being absolutly fab! They are my soul sisters 🙂

     9. Move into a house.

Currently living in a small basement flat, my husband and I have far too much stuff for such a small space and it would be lovely to have a house, with a garden and a spare bedroom. I would feel far more settled and less cluttered I believe.

10. Save for a pug.

Anyone that knows me, knows that my aim for my 30th birthday is a pug. I am madly madly madly in love with the breed and I want one so badly that it hurts. So, I need to start saving!

     11. Have a birthday party.

I’ve never really had one, I’m not once for attention and big things but in 2016, i really want one. Even if it’s meeting up with some babes and shopping, I just want to feel super special for my birthday. I tend to hype myself up each year and then get sad if nothing happens. So next year is the year!

     12. Go to the Harry Potter Studio.

Do I need to explain this? I mean…come on. It’s Harry bloody Potter! I’m a massive Potter nerd and I need to go. I neeeeeeeeeeed to get a wand and ride a broomstick and buy a hat and and and be a witch for a day, not a boring old muggle.

     13. Go to London Zoo.

I’ve never been and it’s somewhere everyone needs to go at least once in their life!

     14. Disney Land!!!!

I’ve been hinting at this ever since I met my husband. My mother in law lives in France and I always hint at going if/when we pop over. It’s somewhere I need to go. I need to be a princess, wear a princess dress and prance around all day and be 7 years old again!

     15. Help others.

I want to be there for others more, when they need a hug, a shoulder to cry on or rant with. I want to make a difference in my friends life and hopefully, make their life better. I love all my friends and I want them to be happy!

     16. Make local friends!

This one is big for me. I’m terrible with making in person, real life, friends. People who are a bus ride away and ready for a coffee. All my soul sister babes are so far away, makes things a little awkward to see!



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