Frolicking in a frock – Ophelia by Lindy Bop, plus size review.

Recently the husband, myself and our two dogs attended the yearly Martin-Wardlaw garden party. I blogged about this party last year here.

With every new social event, I need a new dress. I know it can be a bit silly but there is nothing better than wearing something that makes you feel beautiful, when you’re anxious. Despite it being my 3rd garden party, it’s still a scary thing for me to go to. So, with that in mind, I looked around for a pretty dress that I could afford, with my very limited budget. By limited, I mean near to zero. While searching around, Lindy Bop had a 70% sale off. Mind made up, I looked around on there website and chose this floral frock.



Knowing, from past experience and other bloggers input, that the Ophelia dresses can be quite off with their sizing, I sized up to a 24 from my usual 22. Which worked out quite well, as it wasn’t too tight on my stomach or boobs. Although it did gape at the side of my armpits, which I can deal with but others may be put off by.


I paired the dress with a champagne coloured petticoat from Lindy bop, which I also wore last year and on my wedding day! The dress is made of a thick material but it wasn’t too hot to wear in the summer! The floral pattern is quite bold and I love the red flowers, adds a little oomph to the design. The overall cut of the Ophelia dress is very flattering for the boobs, it showed enough without flashing my bra (a hard feat for sure) and with the ruched material, really brings attention to them, if that’s what you’re after of course!
The colour is a little more light brown than beige, so it does differ a little from the dress in the picture on the website. Unless that’s just my eyes playing tricks.


Dress was a hit with the husband!

I hope you all enjoyed this little review from myself, if you have any comments or thoughts, please feel free to share them with me via the comment box below!

2 thoughts on “Frolicking in a frock – Ophelia by Lindy Bop, plus size review.

    1. Just realised I didn’t say what size I sized up to! that’s been changed now. I sized up to a 24, the first Ophelia I ever bought (also my first ever vintage style dress) was a size 20 but felt like a 16, so I went off my experiance of the weird sizing and sized up to avoid the risk of feeling like a stuffed sausage lol.

      I wouldn’t know what colours wash me out to be honest, I just wear whatever and hope it works haha. Only colour that I know really works on me is blue 🙂

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