Burgundy Clubmaster glasses by SpecsPost

Glasses are a great accessory but a lot of people overlook them when changing their look. I’ve been wanting a new pair for a while, I’ve got a whole folder full of new ones in my browser but I’ve always forgot to get them when on a shopping spree.

I wasn’t too keen on ordering glasses off the internet, I’m so used to trying them on in store, worried they wouldn’t fit my fat face or look stupid. Despite these fears, I ordered a new pair off Specs Post, which is a great site to buy prescription glasses and sunglasses from. They also reglaze vintage frames, which is pretty awesome!


The glasses that I ordered are theĀ 

I loved the vintage feel to them, the red toned colours and I really really hoped that they would suit me. After I ordered, they only took a few days to be made and sent off. Which is a pretty good fast service!

It’s safe to say that they are a hit with me, I will definitely be keeping them in mind when I want another new pair.



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