Space Unicorns by Lindy Bop – A Fat Girls Review

I’ve said this time and time again, I’m a big fan of Lindy Bop. As a small fat, I’m lucky that I can wear their dresses, despite the funky fit they sometimes have! (Come on Lindy Bop, sort that out! And add in some more sizes while you’re at it, us fatties would kill to be able to wear your dresses! Not that hard to go up to a size 32!)

With Halloween around the corner (two weeks people!) they’ve released some awesome and fun  prints! One of those being….SPACE UNICORNS! Yes, you heard me, Space Unicorns. Unicorns in space, being all Unicorn like and magnificent. If you can’t tell already, I’m a tad excited about this print.

The print is on a skirt and two styles of dresses at the moment, when humming and harring about which I should buy, I decided to go with the Audrina Space Unicorn dress. Simply because I have Audrey so far and I look rather spiffing in it, so I thought I’d give it a shot with the Audrina. The differences between the Audrey and Audrina so far seem to be the length of the dress. My Audrey goes just below my knees (bear in mind I am 5ft2) whereas the Audrina is above my knees! Which I am loving, it gives the dress a definite flirty feel. Also, they have added pockets! Which they have seemed to do with many of their new lines out, which is always a bonus for me. You know my love for pockets in dresses and skirts!


The material of the dress is some sort of scuba style material but without the stretch. It does feel a little odd for me but that might be because I’m so used to the heavy cotton that Lindy Bop like to use. Luckily the material doesn’t feel cheap, which I would be very unhappy about if it had! For £33, I would like a dress that felt worth that amount, not a cheap thin material.

The fit is really good, I’m wearing a size 22 here, which means it’s quite true to size. I would say size up for boob room if you’re worried, only because of the limited stretch. It comes with a matching sash, so if you do size up for boobs, you can cinch it in at the waist if it’s a little too loose for your comfort. The shoulders fit really well, not gaping or falling off. Which is massive bonus for me because I have small shoulders, so most dresses that are sleeveless end up looking a little weird on me.

I think this dress is perfect for a unicorn love or just someone who loves fun and flirty prints. It’s not too short or long and the fit is wonderful. I think it’s a must have! I’m so glad I kind of panic bought and got this the day it was released on the site!



Do you have any favourites for the new Lindy Bop lines? What are your thoughts on the Space Unicorn dress? Feel free to comment and share your thoughts!

4 thoughts on “Space Unicorns by Lindy Bop – A Fat Girls Review

  1. I love the print on this dress soooo much, I can’t wait for Lindy Bop to hurry up and bring out more inclusive sizing. I do own lots of LB already and still fit their clothing, they used to be my go-to brand, so I’m definitely sad they’re forcing me to miss out by excluding my bigger friends right now!

    1. It’s saddening that they stop at a 26! If they added shirring to more dresses even, that would be a great step forward! I’m lucky I fit atm but that might change!

  2. i love this print!! ive ordered and waiting for it to arrive, never bought from lindy bop before so im a bit worried about the size , im not really sure what size i am!! fingers crossed, it looks lovely on you.

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