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Yesterday I had the chance to attend my very first blogger party, the Blogger Halloween Party, hosted by Ashton and Kirsty, full of amazing prizes to be won, competitions ( design your own pumpkin being one of my favourites!) and some lovely brands there.

One of my favourites was The Perfume Studio, with a lovely gentlemen called Ben, who walked us through a mini show of what the company is all about and how to make your own perfume. He explained that they do longer events, based in London and Manchester currently but looking towards doing one in Birmingham soon (yay!), where it’s a full workshop on scents and blends, with a afternoon tea after. They also do hen nights! Which would be rather fun in my opinion, making your own perfume is a great little ice breaker.

He explained to me there there are 3 types that a perfume is made from, High, Medium and Base notes. The high notes are the smells that hit you first but don’t tend to last very long. Base notes are the scents that last for ages, like when you haven’t worn a coat in ages and you put it back on months later and still smell the perfume you were wearing when you last had it out. Medium notes tend to be the scents that just tie the perfume together.


With all this in mind, I made my own little perfume! Which I then names Merbabe because…mermaids are awesome and I’m a babe! I went for a more spicy and oriental smell, which tends to be my favourite type of perfume. I do like floral scents but they tend to overwhelm me after a while and I end up really not liking them. So, off I went and chose my own blends and Ben mixed it all up for me. He wrote down what combinations that I chose, so if I ever want to, I can re-order the same exact perfume! Which is a service offered for any one that makes their own blend or gifts a “make your own” box to another.

I’ve been wearing Merbabe all day and I’ve got to say, I’m in love! It smells so lovely and warm, it’s also lasted all day! Which is great, especially since they offer quality perfume without the price tag!

I’m will also be writing up a few reviews/opinions on some of the other goodies and samples that I received from the Blogger Halloween Party, so keep an eye out.

2 thoughts on “Bespoke Perfume – The Perfume Studio

  1. Merbabe is an awesomeee name for a perfume! The Perfume Studio sounds great and I love the fact that you can reorder the same perfume you created!!!

  2. This is an amazing thing to have the opportunity to do, I’d love to make my own signature scent! I’m the same with floral scents, but I much prefer the musky ed of the spectrum. So handy that they wrote everything down so you could reorder it. xx

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