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Everyone loves subscription boxes. The range of items you can get delivered straight to your door is immense, from jewellery making kits to meals that you make yourself. The gorgeous Georgina Grogan from She Might Be Loved and the creator of She Might Be Magazine (which I myself write for mind you!) has also recently announced that she is working with a company to release a beauty box, packed full of items that she’s picked herself!

With all this in mind, I’ve been after a coffee subscription for a while. As a recent coffee lover, I’ve wanted to delve into the world of coffee and fresh coffee. So the search began! A quick jaunt onto google and a few hours later I made my mind up, Pact Coffee was the way to go for me. With coffee sourced from around the world and ground to suit your brewing style and affordable prices, I was pretty much set on them. You can also have coffee every 2 weeks or 4 or a custom day, which suits the hardcore coffee junkies or the mild coffee lovers.

Luckily for me, my first order had an offer of a free V60 Starter Kit, which included a drip filter and a pack of filters! Which is a massive step up from my usual instant coffee and go! Adds a little flair to my coffee making every morning.

The brewing process is quite fun, the kit came with a little how to guide, so I knew what to do and how to get the best coffee from the kit. Which is brilliant because I’m a coffee newb. After my first cup, I was hooked! The batch I received this month was fruity and sweet, it’s described on the site as having hints of peaches and cream, which I can taste!

I’m really glad that I’ve subscribed, it’s a fun little treat each month (you can request different coffees each month or keep ordering the same!)


If you love coffee, why not give them a try? Feel free to sign up with my friends code, which gives us both £3 off.

1 thought on “Pact Coffee – Fresh coffee straight to your door

  1. I am a huge fan of Pact! It’s such a great service, and as I swing between then and a wonderful place in Soho called the Algerian Coffee Shop, I appreciate that they allow you to pause when you’re suddenly finding that your fridge has more coffee than food! The v60 is great (that’s what suckered me into joining them too!), and it’s such a lovely way to start the day. 🙂 Coffee Club forever! 🙂

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