Arwen Coat by Spin Doctor – A Fat Girls Review

I’m always on the hunt for plus size alternative clothing but being plus size, it’s very very hard to get my hands on anything that isn’t frumpy ot hippy goth. Floaty gypsy style dresses just are not my thing, I prefer funky prints, bright patterns, leather and crop tops. But finding anything like that in a size 22 is bloody hard. You can get some good stuff from overseas, usually the US but again, you end up spending an arm and a leg on a top and don’t forget the dreaded custom charges you end up with!

There is one brand that I’ve found that caters to a smaller fat, up to a size 22 (Come on brands, go higher! Stop leaving it at a 22 and calling it a day please!), called Spin Doctor. They have some funky prints, alternative style coats and dresses. But again, the price is pretty high compared to other brands that cater to smaller sizes.

I recently bought a coat by Spin Doctor from Kate’s Clothing, in their sale for Christmas. RRP at £130 and I ended up getting it for £50! Score! I was worried about the fit. A coat can say it’s size 22 but in reality, it’s not. It’s very common in Alternative brands and a big struggle. As a girl who wears anything from a 22 to a 26, finding something that fits all of my body is a pain in the arse.




The Arwen coat comes with a gorgeous belt harness (also leather straps on both arms), that you can use to put more definition on your waist. If that’s your thing! I’m hoping to find a brown version of it so I can change the look for the coat to a more Steampunk aesthetic.

The coat as a dipped hem, a inside lining but no padding, so I do have to layer up for those very chilly mornings.  One bit downfall of this coat is the fact it has no pockets. Which puts a big downer on it for me. I mean…a winter coat with no pockets?! Not much logic there.


Despite the lack of pockets, I love this coat. I love the fit, I love how it makes me feel and I love that I have a alternative style coat in my size! Although I am buggered if I change size again! Not much room for change in this coat.


What are your thoughts? Do you struggle like I do, to find alternative clothes for us bigger girls? Or do you find something you love but it only goes to a size 16, if you’re lucky?!

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