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Recently I’ve been trying my hand at new skin care routines. Some things have been a big hit, some a miss. Some an absolute disaster that involves a lot of after care to try and repair the damage done! I have very sensitive skin on my face, red patches and dermatitis around my nose and forehead. All things that a big challenge in the confidence area, hence the trying out new things to try and help with the physical discomfort and the mental discomfort. This is where Dr Botanicals come in! I had to the chance to have a few items sent to review, I told the team over there what issues I have and what I’m looking for and these are what they sent!

Advanced 8-Hour Overnight Renewal Cream
Advanced Light Facial Serum Essence


First thing I noticed when they arrived was how they smelt. Both smell fantastic and the overnight cream smells amaaaaazing. Strong hints of citrus, which did make me worry that it would sting when applied but that worry was for nought, no sting no fuss! The cream it self isn’t really a cream, it’s more of a solid that melts when warmed up on your finger. I scoop out a little with my nail and use that, a small amount goes far and it goes on really smoothly. I’ve been using it every night for a month (sometimes in the morning too when I’m having a particularly bad skin day) and it really does help. I haven’t noticed a change in the redness of my skin but I have noticed a change in the dryness. It’s no longer as painfully dry, just more uncomfortable than painful. Which is an improvement and at this stage, I’m willing to call that a win.

Sadly, I didn’t get on very well with the serum. I found it a little too sticky to use every day and it left a residue that on my face that was sticky to the touch for a fair while. Which I didn’t enjoy at all. I’m not calling it a day just yet, I’m hoping to give it another shot soon, to try and ignore my annoyance at the stickiness. Now, you might not find that an issue and really enjoy using this serum, so don’t write it off just yet! What I can say is that, despite the stickiness, it smelt amazing and I did notice a small change in my skin but I didn’t use it long enough to say much more.

Either way, Dr Botanicals are a big hit with me and the Overnight cream has now become a part of my daily skin routine!
Do you have any tips for dry skin? Any hacks that help out when you’re suffering? Feel free to comment below and share your wisdom!

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