Mermaid Skirt of Dreams – From River Island

Ever wanted to be a mermaid or felt that there isn’t an item of clothing that displays just how much of a merbabe you are? Well I have something special for you because the Sequin Skirt from River Island (or as I call it, the Mermaid Skirt of Dreams) is just for you! Honestly, I would drape myself in this fabric and just live in sequins if I could! The cut is gorgeous, daring and well….AMAZING. I’ve been after this skirt since I saw it that the RI stall at The Curve Fashion Festival and I instantly fell in love. I finally managed to get round to buying it in December (of course it went on sale two weeks later! Just my luck).

The internal struggle between good and evil.

Firstly I want to say a little bit about the struggle I had initially with this skirt. Not about the skirt itself but my inner little struggle about wearing something that isn’t my norm. Something a little tighter than my flare dresses. Despite this skirt being so utterly utterly gorgeous, I was hesitant to wear it. Want to know why? It’s the usual case…that VBO that I still dread. I can be as fat positive as I want but I still falter when it comes to things that will show off my tummy. And that’s ok, it’s ok to be hesitant if you’re not sure. That’s just being human. So what I did was step back, assess why I’m hesitant and then argue those points.

It all came down to fearing what others will say about it. Even what my husband would say! Which is ridiculous if you actually sit down and think. I love this skirt, it’s perfect and it fills me with all the feels. So why not wear it? I eventually told myself off, bit the proverbial bullet and wore the skirt out. I was complimented at least 8 times by different people in the space of an hour! An hour. And oh my god, did that feel amazing. To have so many compliments on something I loved but still feared. It just wiped away all those fears and doubts. I need to do that more often, wear something a bit daring for myself and actually go outside in it. Ignore that little voice in my head, ignore any negativity that I might feel and wear clothes for me. Not for others. And definitely not to fit in with other peoples views of what a fat girl should wear!

The bad.

Now that little rant is out of the way, lets get down to business. The skirt of dreams. The sequin material is quite heavy but not unwearable. It’s pretty damn good quality, I haven’t lost a sequin yet. The zip? That’s a cow to get undone or to do up. It’s a struggle and a half. A battle between man and mythical zip gods. I leave the skirt in a half zipped state and just wedge it on over my boobs because I’m so scared of losing my temper and ruining the skirt by ripping it. That’s bad point one.

Bad point two? The underskirt is a weird nylon fabric that is a little too small. And it has no stretch. It’s not that great if you want to wear anything under the skirt and even if you do? Tough. Because the underskirt will ride up and bunch around ya fanny and just annoy the crap out of you. Or at least it does to me. Other ladies might not have that issue, I do have thunder thighs.

The good.

So bad points out of the way. On to the good points now! The skirt is gorgeous, good quality and the cut is AMAZING. It’s the perfect length for me (I’m 5ft3), reaching the knee and leaving enough room for the wrap to flash a bit of thigh. I’m wearing a size 24 in the skirt to give myself a little extra room. I would say size up if you want a little extra comfort around your stomach. Which is what I did. The sequins have all stayed on and the colour is rich and would pretty much suit everyone, in my opinion anyway. RI have the size going up to a 28UK online and 24 in store, so it is more inclusive than some other brands, which is another bonus. All in all, despite the zip issues etc, this skirt is amazing and I want to live in it.

Sequins for life!

5 thoughts on “Mermaid Skirt of Dreams – From River Island

  1. Oh I just love that green sequins skirt on you! It looks so amazing with your fiery red locks! Amd rock that vob girl ypu are giving me life!!!! Love love love your looks <3

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