Summer Shorts from Simply Be – A Fat Girls Review

Hello readers!


I’m baaaaaaaaaaaack!

I’ve been away from blogging for 6 months now (gosh has it really been that long?!), it was a much needed break to refuel , get away from the pressure of the feel that I HAVE to blog regularly and I’m back with a bang! Well when I say bang, I mean a little review about some must have shorts for thunder thighs and some freaking awesome pictures (if I do say so myself) to get my point across.

Shall we crack on with it then? Behold Indigo Shape & Sculpt Denim Shorts, quite possibly the best shorts in my life right now.

At first I wasn’t sure, I’ve had quite bad luck with shorts in the past, I have wide hips, wider thighs and a belly that doesn’t like to be contained. Despite Simply Be saying that the shorts were stretchy I wasn’t convinced, so I ordered a size 26, just one size up from my size, for a little extra wiggle room. When the shorts arrived, first thing I did was rip the package open and shove those bad boys on.

And wow!

At first it was a little wriggle to get them on, which I find with most new denim shorts/jeans. If they haven’t been preworn or washed, they are a tad tight anyway.  Once I had them on and done up I was impressed! They are short enough for me to keep cool but not so short that I have butt cheeks falling out, the fit is perfect ( a little loose around the waist but I think that’s because I sized up) and these shorts have some bloody good stretch in them! Room enough to not worry about horrible marks on my stomach from tight jeans or feeling like I can’t bend at the waist because they are so tight.

I could live in these and they have been a lifesaver this summer! I plan on getting another pair for my holiday next week, so I can keep cool all week in France, where I would melt otherwise!

So there we go, these shorts are perfectly perfect for summer, thunder thighs and making sure to keep cool! Do any of my readers have a favourite brand as a go to for shorts? Feel free to comment and share!



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