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I’m Katt, or Fat girl for life if you want, I’m a fat activist, plus size fashion and mental health awareness blogger! I also write for a body positive magazine called She Might Be.
I’ve been blogging for just over two years, I’m 30, currently living in Birmingham but I’m a Brighton girl at heart. I work full time for the NHS so sadly, my blogging has suffered due toe 12.5 hour shifts, I took a 6 month break but I’m back! With a sprinkle of glitter and red hair dye, here I am.

I’m a size 22/24/26, 38K bust (living the lifetime hunt of trying to find a decent bra!) and my style is a hodge podge of Vintage love and summer goth.  I’m a quirky, geeky, mad cat and pug lady. When I’m not swanning around in a pretty frock (and by swanning, I mean chasing after my puppy who has decided to try and eat something he shouldn’t) I can be found playing Fallout 4 or sewing. I’ve also started doing Viking Reenactment, so expect some how to posts very soon!

I also run a little business making jewellery, Fat Mermaid Designs. I find this a mixture of enjoyable and stressful because I’m such a perfectionist!
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Disclaimer time!
If I am ever paid to do a review, that review shall be honest, not just a positive review for money! If I like the item or service, then I will state that. If I don’t, then I will make my readers aware of why that is my opinion.
I will also state on any paid post/review item, that it was sent to me for a review and that in no way, has it affected my opinion. I want to be brutally honest with my readers, share the good and the bad and I believe that’s why I’m a good blogger!